Bruce Buffer talks about Khabib, rivaling Conor's business & legendary 25-year career

    khabib mcgregor fight

you're the voice of the octagon you just

celebrated 25 years in the ufc that must
have been a fantastic pre work
anniversary i mean from february 1996
uh to ufc 258 um

recently celebrated 250 ufc events 
bruce ufc

you're famous for your two word 
fight back
catchphrase i'm not going to repeat it
in your style
just in case you should do it so it's
time yeah you're fine
can you sum up that 25 years in two
words (
khabib mcgregor fight)
passionate journey passionate journey
ever since the very first day i stepped
in the octagon and february 16th 1996
and by my puerto rico
which was a feat to even get in there to
work my way into the octagon which took
time and the only reason i got in the
was because i was managing a fighter
named scott the pitbull ferrazzo
who had a lot of a number of really
memorable fights big monsters 6-1 340
hands down to his ankles you know that
kind of guy kind of tank abbott that
ufc like to hire all the time but i had

no interest in being uh
a manager i was deploying on my part to
get into the octagon to announce the
fights and from the moment that i got in
the octagon that night
um my passion just started waning
because i've been a martial arts since i
was 12.
i've studied various styles i've
achieved three black belts and
and i fought a good amount of time and i
did a lot of kickboxing smokers fights
sparring you know all the kind of stuff
we all do (
khabib conor mcgregor)
um then i was going to go for one pro
fight when i was 32 and during training

i got concussed pre work

twice and my doctor ordered me to stop
fighting and all that he goes if you're
making money at this i go no i have two 
bruce ufc 


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