Abu Dhabi prepares to celebrate World Judo Day 2022

Abu Dhabi prepares to celebrate World Judo Day

Abu Dhabi prepares to celebrate World Judo Day

The Uae Wrestling and Judo Federation has received a letter from the International Federation of The Game stating that it will be scheduled for October 28th to celebrate World Judo Day, which will be held under the theme "Union of Strength".

 It will be an occasion to celebrate the birthday of Japanese Jigorō Kanō
, founder of judo and martial arts in Japan, the first to start organizing the codekan and enacting the laws of judo, and the first Asian member of the International Olympic Committee in 1909.

Mohammed bin Thaloub Al-Dari, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Wrestling and Judo Federation, said that the International Judo Federation has left the way to celebrate the occasion for the game federation in each country according to its potential.

He pointed out that the UAE Federation will now begin to prepare and prepare for this important occasion, which honors the value and prestige of a great historical, which contributed to the emergence and development of judo and its reach to a prominent position at the international level.


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