Minutes Of Floyd Mayweather Perfecting The Sweet Science

 ladies and gentlementhe hair is standing up in the back bynick this is the most excitingevent 

that i've seen in a long long timehere

 we godoing a pretty good job and 

he missedthat shot floyd mayweather is in for thetoughest fight of his lifebacking up and under adversity andhere's de la hoya on him againand his fight plan is starting to workhe's backing him up he caught himhe got him with a shot andit's it's a treat to have to see him dothis now that time oscar threw a seriesof punchesand nothing really landed mayweather isso slick defensively this kidimpresses me so much he is a terrificterrific fighterfor mayweather oh he really rocked oscarcoming in yeah he did he got him with agood right handwell mayweather more than doubling oscarde la hoya in the power department andhere's a good example that's a greatshotwhat a fight how do you like ithow do you like it lining up the righthand nowthere it goes it caught him but itdidn't quite touch himyou see what's happening he can't reachhim when his legs are firedhe's tired too that's the mayweatherround a brilliant brilliant fighti'd like to see it again ricky hattondecked out indrops the right shoulder when he'scoming in he can see the right hand ofhatton load upmayweather is extraordinary always hasto start againwhen mayweather gets his quick shot homeleft hook dropsto retain the wbc ring magazinefloyd mayweather

 is back in action andthey turned

 outa mess here at the engine ground in lasvegas to see himmarquez hasn't been able to touch himyet he makes a missing two shots therelook at this defense unbelievableare you young boxing fans that arewatching floyd mayweather you seen himtheone of the if not the greatest defensivefighter of all time i mean that's howstrongi feel about him he's everywhere andthen he's nowhere you think you've gothima little bit you throw them you saw thepunch and he's not thereand again it's not just hand quicknessit's the movement of the headthe way he rolls with punches look atthe way he makes a miss i meanthree four shots this is justextraordinary we've been able to seemayweather showcase so muchand this is a great exhibition of howto combine the best of offense anddefense brilliant brilliant victoryfor floyd mayweather jrsensational performance all right thisis what we came forthe hair is standing up in the back ofmy neck and we're gonna have a war hereshane mosley floyd mayweather here we golook at that left hand being carriedthis is gonna be frustrating for shanemosey right nowlook at that pity pad punches by shaneand floyd crackson with the right handcoming in

 mayweather from the outsidecould score and get there firsta big right hand landed by floydthere's no way ortiz can box with him noi think ortiz is going to come outand try to come straight at him andbrawl here we go round onehe is so instinctivelook how quick he is when ortiz comesafterand his ortiz battling back but look atthe hands uhwhat a rookie mistake thereall right so the stage is just about setto clear the ring and davethe anticipation of this i justabsolutely love nobody haspinpoint accuracy against the defensivetacticsof floyd mayweather in the red trunkshe's standing straight up right nowand carlos still can't get to him lookat thatoverhand right he wants to show this guybut a good fighter there's no bad bloodbetween these guysthat's a nice

again let himset the trap

 and he does we saw somethings tonightthat were as vintage mayweather asanything we have ever seenfrom him whether you like him or youdon't like him you don't want to missseeing him fightbecause he is a tremendous athlete     years old i don't see any slow down icertainly don't see any ring rustkickthe obvious difference in this is thehand speed which is phenomenal from the     year old fighteri mean look at that he threw about fiveor six punches andmayweather just slips right out of thatcorner kind of like agreased pigget affair i don't thinkthere's ever been anybody betterwe've seen that can shiftfrom defense to offense and back soeasily and effortlesslya lot of what floyd mayweather does inthere isinstinctive what he sees what he picksupand how he reacts off the nuancesof his opponent and then gets there fastis what separates himfrom the other fighters even the otherelite fighters in this gamefloyd mayweather has given a boxinglesson to robert guerrerohere we go both of these guys arefocused rememberin the early going everybody thinksalvarez must pressurefloyd mayweather must try to roughhousehim let's see if he can catch up withhim at allhe's won the first three rounds of thisfight easily he's won thesenot controversially not close he'soutbox this guyit's almost like mayweather's invitinghim in to throw his own right handhe's trying to suck him in deployedmayweatherso far has been boxing less in time forthe young up-and-comerundefeated two-time world champion saulcanelo alvarezthere's just a subtle speed thatmayweather has that prevents himfrom getting there punches that he isused to landing against other opponentspunches that have dropped otheropponents punches that have stoppedother opponentsare coming up short or wide againstmayweatherand one thing that makes mayweatherfrustrating to fight he'll land hisright hands but he will not engage inthe slugfestyou're still getting hit with sixes andsevens on a scale of one to tenconsistent sixes and sevens but he's notopen enough so that youmight land a big shot on him he's somuch under controllook at the way he makes album he'smaking him look like an amateurcomes in on

 him jab jab jab missed thispiss miss with the right handhere he is again miss miss this businessoh misseshe has to gamble he's gonna gamble he'sgotta get inside even though he's liningit up he has to throw the techniqueidea to the window and just lowerafter his shoulders he pays so muchfolksyou are watching absolutely one of thegreatest fighters in the history ofboxingbe pleased you spend your money to seethis be pleasethis is history in the making his handsare perfectlyexecuting whatever he wants from thebrainto the end of his fist floyd mayweatheris in commandfive four three twoone mayweather has defeated him winningevery round this fight for theundisputed wbc wba and ring magazinewelterweight championship of the worldfloyd mayweather jragainst marcos maidanathis is where floyd fights his best whenhe's right in the center of the ringwhen he goes back to the ropes by donnacan pressure him and try to hold him intherebut this is where floyd has had his bestboxmayweather settles into the comfort zoneand mayweather is getting his distanceagain and there's someclassic mayweather coming out the righthand lead againbacking off not getting hit with themajority decision he is now the wweand the wbc welterweight unifiedchampion of the world  floyd  weather


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