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so we are excited to see Conor McGregor step into the Octagon here inside Ericsson Globe Stockholm Sweden he is truly the most likely talented Irish prospect at ever fight in the UFC Conor McGregor wanted

proved himself tonight against Marcus cribbage the brightest prospect to emerge from Ireland in years Conor McGregor has shown himself to be a top candidate for world title honours in the coming year

and as his UFC debut approaches tonight anticipation for the fighting pride of Dublin is at a fever pitch Marcus blemishes raw talent was on display on season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter but he's really stepped his game up in the time following this show going 3 for 3 with wins over Stephen bass Maximo Blanco and Jimmy headus tonight he'll try to remain unbeaten in the Octagon against Conor McGregor coming

connor notorious mcgregor swears off against markets the Bama beast gribbit  many ways to define clavinets efficacy he said confident as 24 years old great winning streak is he makes his UFC debut first round finishes the man holds belts in two different weight classes in the Cage Warriors promotion the


largest promotion

in the UK and Ireland he has had a ton

of success yeah a lot of people have

been talking about Conor McGregor for a

long time

is a true knockout artist golly he can't

Nakia with anything whether its feet his

knees his hand

is unbelievable his faints a lot of

things that I talk about with my

students and a lotta people that I work

with fighters I always say veins and

head movement Conor McGregor has all

that and then on top of that he's got

knocked out power he has the ability to

find your chin and he's an excellent

graph we're working very hard as

wrestling as well

and we're gonna find out he's the real

deal again UFC is a completely different

level and Connor says he's ready for it

he wants to belt that brother way do you

want the belt that lightweight as well

first things first

Marcus trim second fighter from

Dublin Tommy

Kim fought in the UFC actually in Dublin

at our show Berlin and Connor though his

ton of

there's a whole nation watching this


got each other into MMA they both today

watch the box in the other one

said hey I want to trade you jutsu it

they came up together and Conor McGregor

has just been on fire over an island and

in the UK

just a dynamic structure you want a fun

guy to watch he's your guy

national amateur boxing champion

professional mixed martial artist

the notorious Conor McGregor our tale of

the tape for this featherweight fight

Dublin Ireland Conor McGregor twenty

four years old four years younger than

Marcus Greenwich five for Marcus

criminal five inches taller as McGregor

reach nearly identical once again here's

Bruce Buffer

ladies and gentlemen this fight is three

rounds in the UFC featherweight division

is reducing first fighting out of the

blue corner a mixed martial artist

holding a professional record 12 wins

two losses he stands five feet nine

inches tall weighing in at 145 pounds

sixty five point eight kilos fighting


with petitions opponent fighting out of

the red corner this mannequin recording

artist holding a professional record six

wins one loss he stands five feet four

inches tall weighing in at 145 pounds

sixty five point eight kilos why do you

got a Coconut Creek Florida recharge

lover sundown

Robert Sun del our referee a lot of talk

a lot of emotion yesterday at the

weigh-ins and how these two men get to

fight marcus brim egde tagamet critic

right and here we go quickly taking the

center of the Octagon

pretty much in the white this is exactly

where it needs to do heating to dump

down the fight he can't let Carter get

off get his rhythm gets momentum going

Conner loves ankles

he loves to mix it up he'll step off and

Britishness has to stay in his face

black trunks for Devlin Ireland's

McGregor very technical and precise

striker they shot that bridge though so

far it's premature landing the bigger

shots but out of Potter's 12 weeks

he clipped him on the way in he can find

your chin from anywhere again nice slip

and a little counter you can see how

comfortable on the feet McGregor let's

not believe a look at the angles he

circles he can fight going forwards he

can fight going backwards


all 12 trucks of UFC debut

that is exactly why he's so dangerous

Mike and he took some big shot but guess

what he's got a huge chin as well this

kid the real deal look at the uppercuts

it all started with the uppercut that's

what really dazed Marcus prim each and

from there it was all Connor McGregor

there's that killer instinct and


again the uppercut early was the one

that did damage and uppercuts here lead

to the end of the night of Marcus Bremen

outstanding UFC debut for Conor McGregor

and an awesome reaction as he enjoys his

first career win in the Octagon


proud Irishman Conor McGregor with the

official decision bruce bunker ladies

and gentlemen referee Robertson Dells

called a stop to this contest at 1

minute 7 seconds of the very first round

to play the winner by


finish for Conor McGregor here's Kenny

Connor congratulations

you look great out there was the game

plan to stand up with Marcus I didn't

really have a game plan it's wherever it

went no you can't be emotional

you can't let emotions get in the way

here I think Marcus got a little bit

most of the way the the Irish

support getting on his back and off it

means nothing you know I just come in

and look if I happen naturally whatever

happens happens you know I mean wherever

the fight takes place that's where it

takes place I don't plan anything you

know you said not to get emotional but

you know you got in Marcus's face at the

way and was that part of the plan as

well to really get in his face and and

then make them pay here in this fight no

I don't know just go well motions this

the first time I've ever had a crap

experience something like this you know

but it's nearly like the WWE to me you

know it's a little game I'm just playing

a game early think anything when I get

in here it's just the same thing you

just keep calm you got an angle on

Marcus you slipped an angle and you hit

him with a huge uppercut did you know he

was hurt immediately yeah obviously

couple of times earlier never he be

still my new say again I tell he got I

tell he was emotionally a touch to the

contest I tell you what i overthrown his

shots and he did happens you know

Michael's to be back he's treating them

Conor another brilliant performance yeah

13 wins 12 knockouts unbelievable

congratulations thank you very much

sixty kids

like someone is going out tonight Conor

McGregor an awesome job and again is

Kenny and I saw early with the uppercut

that was his go to punch tonight he mix

things up so nicely but the precision

with that first uppercut push bridge

back and at the end the combination that

finished the fight included a couple

more uppercuts to the chin

Marcus Bremen and you know humble in

victory but yet you saw a glimpse of the

talent especially the striking of Conor

McGregor and it makes you want more



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