UFC 264 Free Fight: Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor

 ladies and gentlemen

this is the main event
of the evening our three judges scoring
this contest an octagon side are
ben cartledge sally yamato and david
and when the action begins our referee
in charge of the octagon
herbs dean
for those in attendance and ufc fans
watching around the world this
is the moment you all truly have been
waiting for from anaheim arena
on fight island in abu dhabi
five rounds in the ufc
lightweight division introducing first
and the blue corner a mixed martial
artist holding a professional record
22 wins four losses he stands
five feet nine inches tall weighing in
at 155 pounds
fighting out of dublin ireland
presenting the former ufc
featherweight champion and the former
lightweight champion and the number four
lightweight contender in the world
the pride of ireland
the notorious connor
and now introducing his opponent
out of the red corner at the jitsu
holding a professional record 26 wins
six losses
one no contest he stands five feet nine
inches tall
weighing in at 156 pounds
fighting out of coconut creek florida by
way of lafayette louisiana
usa presenting the former interim ufc
lightweight champion of the world
and the number two ranked lightweight
in the world dustin
the diamonds
all right gentlemen we've been over the
rules protect yourself at all times
follow my instructions i'm gonna keep it
clean such gloves let's do it
hard to appropriately describe the
tension in this building i'd imagine a
lot of you are feeling it at home
conor mcgregor opened with a hook kick
four seconds into their first meeting
we shall see how he chooses to proceed
early in the rematch which is upon us on
well he's going forward he's going
forward green immediately takes the
center of the octagon and lands a left
dustin poirier is in black southpaw
versus southpaw here
this is the important time for fourier
you got to get through the early part of
the fight if you're dustin fourier you
can't fall for the faints of mcgregor
mcgregor immediately puts him on his
both guys exchanging quick fast hands
from both men
that right hand an encouraging early
sign for dustin poirier
i think kicks are very important for
dustin trying to get close
and then take it down massive by fourier
to go and get a takedown
yeah doing a good job of getting his
back right up against the fence here
but the way he took him down you could
tell connor wasn't really expecting it
when he was expecting takedown with no
mega metal he was able to defend a
little bit early
great transition there by dustin poirier
he's going to try to suck his hips back
he's got to find a way to try to counter
off the side of the octagon
connor's going to use the octagon to try
to build his base and get up
his height right now is going to help
nice job by conor mcgregor to manage his
energy and get
back up after the early takedown from
fourier and there's that shoulder strike
dustin started it connor threw one back
even harder
and he does that so well he throws his
entire body into that strike
you know what it is too he's got great
flexibility and
and he uses that nice reversal there
from poirier
yep and dustin before he is controlling
the unknown so it's allowing him to keep
kind of pressed against the side of the
and you hear john cavanaugh yell in that
great head position by mcgregor that'll
help him
try to get back into space fourier's
doing a great job of staying close here
yeah just wearing on nice knees in the
clinch here from connor
mcgregor there's another one for good
measure dustin trying to get this single
leg connor doing a great job at
defending staying patient too
he's not he's not gonna exhaust himself
here worrying about things that aren't
there controlling the wrist
there he goes and reverses nice job
there for mcgregor if you're mcgregor
you need to get back to the center now
you need to get away from the octagon
you don't need to be in the clinch you
want to try to get back to space
and try to find that left hand on dustin
poirier but dustin's kind of keeping him
in there with that overhook
these guys are talking to each other as
they exchange shoulder strikes
two minutes nice foot stop there
think about your frame connor if you
want to connor at times has an upward
trajectory underneath almost like an
uppercut with that shoulder
look for some elbows in here possibly
from conor too he's controlling that
i mean the overhook of dustin poirier is
keeping him close
he's taking that overhook and he's
pulling it in tight look at him reaching
and trying to grab the other hand of
conor mcgregor that's not allowing
connor to work with the left hand
and keep it nice and close elbow appear
to land over the top for mcgregor
back to the center of the octagon 90
seconds to go in the round
now the whole point of that right i mean
obviously the game plan for dustin
is to wear connor out but it seems to
have worn on him as well though you got
to remember that yep that's not his game
that's not his game right he's not a
wrestler so having the rest of extended
periods of time
gets tough landing a distance there
excuse me dc
but dustin has to get respect with the
hands too he can't allow connor to just
walk him down
nice jab for mcgregor
there's a solid calf kick there from
but connor's pressuring him here nice
i like these kicks returns fire that's
very important for the game with dustin
poirier a lot of kicks
conor has taken a more boxing approach
to his fights lately
and because of that the kicks are
this is already what i'm talking about
this is what i wanted we're seeing back
and forth from these guys
spinning hook kick attempt there for
we saw connor do this to nate diaz
because they diaz has that big
boxing stance conor was able to land a
lot of outside kicks
chad is there for poirier mcgregor now
and both guys really landing well in
this yeah this is a very good round
all right
backhand up and we're on the way out
yeah back hand up and we're on the way
out yeah
keep doing what you're doing leave him
listen i need you to keep the thanks
going right you need to keep him
guessing right he's looking he's
absolutely looking for that whole
counter so if you're going to throw one
you got to get that head off the media
off offline
let's take a look at some of these
shoulder strikes right on the nose too i
mean it's
very similar to what he did to cowboy
cerrone beautiful elbow
off of the clinch there's a left hand
right on the jaw emporia ate it very
nice right hand but here's a nice
check hook i believe or not we missed
that one
we're ready to start we got more action
to come it's time to go man come on
paulie i know we love the replays but
let's get to some
more stuff yeah i'm ready for round two
the fisticuffs are ready to start now
john cavanaugh phil sutcliffe appear to
like what they saw out of connor they
want an active lead hand looked like a
debilitating cat kick there from poirier
and then mcgregor fires back might have
hurt him a little bit
oh look at that uppercut the right hand
lands flush for connor
connor has not checked any of those
little calf kicks man
keeps landing them
nice leg kick from connor smart move
see and now we're seeing the versatility
connor's not just
a box box but he has many skills he does
carry a wider stance which is why you
see pourier looking for these cap kicks
that's the calling part of the american
top team those guys blast those low leg
but he's got to remember dc to get back
to the boxing too he can't just throw
that because conor will get the timing
like that yep you can't throw him blind
right because every time you throw him
that leg that leg is crushed right it's
starting to get dead yeah he's dead in
that leg already
and we're in round number two he's just
got to be safe connor's got to start
landing his puck
his punches right now too nice body shot
there from connor
and you can see dustin poirier is much
more comfortable in there right now
right because he took a big shot from
there's a lot of questions when you've
been knocked out by somebody
early whether or not you could take
those shots he took conor's best shot
a left hand straight on the chin so he's
more confident
but mcgregor is still working in the
range and landing the shots
nice jab there from poirier and now a
left hand for dustin
seems like dustin's getting comfortable
with the boxing range too now
absolutely and again another touch on
that lead leg of mcgregor coming up on
three minutes here round two
i think it would be smart dc of courier
now now that he's attacked that calf
to mix in a takedown temperature and
maybe even for connor
yeah because the level changes yep to
save his leg a little bit
because dustin's beating that outside
leg up bad oh
solid left hand from connor you just
can't take him on the end of the punches
no man you can't sit out here at this
range and play with mcgregor
oh that leg's beat up man dustin before
you handle that
only big left from poirier now her right
hand he's hurt
he's got to go back to the couch oh big
left and now we're right here
oh my god that's the point oh
mcgregor oh my god lafayette louisiana
your guy he's done it are you kidding me
right now i've done it my goodness
and pourier stoic as he comes over and
greets his wife
jolie a stunner on fight island as they
attend o'connor
dustin poirier has produced the biggest
win of his career by a mile
boy dustin poirier beat up the legs
and then you saw him get more and more
confident as the fight went on
he landed the left hand and it was that
right hand that he kept missing barely
that he got connor with let's take a
look at some of this work from dustin
poirier just a masterful performance
it started with the calf kick and it
ended with the boxing
he started leighton connor up here up
against the fence
boom big left hand over the top and once
poirier gets comfortable and gets his
confidence going
he's one of the baddest men on the
planet and he is as tough as they come
and he had him hurt oh i mean
unbelievable you cannot let dustin
poirier get going
because once he gets rolling downhill he
is an avalanche and he is going to
destroy you
and he i mean he put it on conor
mcgregor i mean the from start to finish
the first round may not have gone
according to plan but john annick the
more this fight went going you saw
dustin for you get comfortable and
and he went at him like he was a he's
the man that's the poor is a man and
what a reaction first from mike brown
dia davis and thiago alves and then the
fellow louisiana and daniel cormier
but we set it off the top power in all
limbs right
just as much power in the right as the
left paul power in the lower half
and dustin poirier has officially turned
the mixed martial arts world on a taxis
one final time tonight here is bruce
buffett ladies and gentlemen
referee herb dean is called a stop to
this contest at two minutes
32 seconds of round number two declaring
the winner
by tko dustin
the diamond


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