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On his birthday, the monster conor mcgregor

On his birthday, the monster conor mcgregor Today, July 14, 2021, he's 33 years old.  It is considered the 32nd for the practitioners of combat sports the age of maturity, where the owner is at the height of combat because it combines experience and skill .  Although Conor McGregor said on his social media accounts not long ago that he had retired permanently, many expect him to return for a number of reasons. Glory Conor McGregor is one of the best fighters in the history of mixed martial arts, has achieved great popularity and became spoiled by Dana White in a short time, and it is hard to leave these golden years for him in his best days without looking for more achievements. Wealth Conor McGregor is one of the richest athletes in the world, and although he is a brand and has other resources to make money, martial arts, whether mma or boxing , is the main resource of his wealth, and it is impossible to sacrifice combat sports that save him a lo

Poirier vs McGregor 3 - The Trilogy

 i took a trip out to dublin a few years

and everybody's talking about conor
mcgregor mcgregor
the crowds are challenging from the
second i meet this kid of las
and notorious vegas mcgregor
i said i don't know if this kid can
but if he can even throw a punch this is
why everyone's been talking about trying
to cross
he's going to be a huge superstar
yeah thank you very much there's been a
lot of hype i guess the hype is real
listen to this dumbling crowd as they
welcome their fighting son
wow that is it conor mcgregor
the first time i fought conor that was
his first big test in the ufc
fourier is one of the best on earth
where i was at that time he got into my
head he's afraid he's a scared little
dustin's little pea head is going to get
removed and i'm going to get on my way
to the gold i've never
just like somebody that much that i'm
ever far
all that talk and everything over the
months just sat in my head
when the bell rang i was like a deer in
the headlights
oh he tagged him on the left he hurt him
wow even back then you know he had a lot
of hype but didn't have that wind that
really did it and that might have been
the one
after that he just started knocking
everybody out
unbelievable the first punch came
history has been made the first man ever
to hold two titles simultaneously
that looks good his store has risen
faster than anybody
in this organization everywhere i go i
hear about conor mcgregor
he became such a huge superstar
he's done it all right but you can have
all the money in the world
but you can't buy hard and i got that
fighter he has bought for everything
he's ever got
paid in full this is mine every time i
lose i come back stronger
that's why in the second fight with
connor i knocked his ass
has off out conor mcgregor are you
kidding me right now
i lost at night it's stone
and i must get that back you're like a
in me me and connor need to do this a
third time
both guys knocked each other out we owe
it to each other
to get back in there and see what's up
now i have an opportunity to get my
conor mcgregor one of the
most iconic fighters in mixed martial
but the best he has beat world champions
he's here to get his hands
this is a massive massive event
the hottest ticket in ufc history the
king is back

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