Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz Rematch Scen 2021 fight


brutal leg kicks he's landing on name

dates having a problem with that leg

Mike he's moving on it funny fight going

according to plan

thus far from her great


big left

picking apart right now

they put pressure on a consensus Connor

slowing down they moved forward and


we have ourselves a fight 80s weathered

the storm and now Conor McGregor's in


Wow this just got real interesting this

is why you push yourself every day


Connor still breathing heavy my up

connor is fading radically here it means

sentences and they just pointed to him

he just rocked them

big deep breath by Connor in the chance

of D s Frank




- we're gonna finish him right here

right now big trouble for McGregor

final seconds of the round just try to





these are those last few rounds on the



you're winning the clinch every time

but here I get backs against the fence

hands up to hit your arms

you can slip and catch the money alarms

there slaps

Oh Sakura load the time

rinse and spit this is a new champion


connor reenergized here have caught a

second wind Mike



this is a dogfight ladies and gentlemen

a real dogfight


biggest fight in MMA history and they're

still swing


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