Top Finishe: Conor McGregor 2021


McGregor well in control

Alvarez gettin loose kitten better here

in this round though oh man till that

Python decide history

Conor McGregor is the UFC lightweight

champion what a performance

fitted flawlessly and leave this counter

boom over the top on the jaw right hand

and a big one to the temple right hand

behind it Alvarez goes down and he's

essentially done there I mean Eddie

Alvarez can take a tremendous punch but

Connors accuracy and power was just too

much for him he didn't come here to take

part he came here to take over nice slip

and a little counter you can see how

comfortable on the feet McGregor it's

not believe a look at the angles he

circles he can fight going forwards he

can fight going backwards look at that

I'm looking at finishing here

Gregor another first round win Wow

ultra threats of UFC debut look at the

uppercuts it all started with the

uppercut that's what really dazed Marcus

British and from there it was all Conor

McGregor there's that killer instinct

and accuracy again the uppercut early

was the one that did damage and

uppercuts here lead to the end of the

night of Marcus Bremen outstanding UFC

debut for Conor McGregor and it's nice

Buster for striking for Conor McGregor

really throwing the legs to the



listen shots and I think success with

nitro shot ing forced to scramble for B

I left myself open for a pretty nasty

crossface McGregor


again I'm at Saint marinus going home

today Nelson is not intelligent and

defending himself in front of wake up


Irish murder slightly more negative

words the usual but getting the job done

once again with some vicious and

absolutely still put into use excellent

power that he has in both his left and

his rights

the south bullfighter

Rebecca always adjust in range but far

enough away from danger as he starts

teeing off brand new girls

brand now looks hard is cooking the end

because here we see a few our beautiful

long left hand and then nice follow up

on the floor ground a pan but for my man

if the job was already done when brandão

hit the ground it was game saying match

from aggregor a fantastic performance a

good body shot there must we took some

window of brandão and it was the

straight left rear ascension to the


very very nice lovely handiwork there

from Conor McGregor oh he tagged me to

left Mike he herded up top he heard

Poirier with that left he's very good at

utilizing all of his reach turning that

shoulder fighting long 90 seconds in

right in front he's talking to him now

my hands at his hips having a

conversation look enough finish the


Wow that's the real deal ace gentlemen

make no mistake about it

Conor McGregor is for real and he really

did just make it look easy he said he

would make it look easy he made it look


he said first round KO mark my words

all right Connor we believe you it was

an absolutely legitimate stoppage being

that was just glorious no one's ever

done that to poor yeh before the

Gregerson real deal man there's no doubt

about it

we surrogacy money that he worked for

head now trying to fill this position

where we twisted it down to the mat he

looks to be going for that again

yesterday John immediately trying to get

that grip you can see him the greatest

bounty very careful not to let his prey

info and Steve O'Keefe is freezing for

everything he's gone all updates it's

wet blows I'll immediately part of the

dagger getting killed under mixing two

defendants coming in steve-o deepest he

was out unconscious from those slice the

kind of power that bullet could generate

the SteriPEN a featherweight in this

division and these the end of the bounce

nearly ten unanswered elbows and that

was that was good night for speedo keep


uppercut the brighter gets it worth


Mendez fires back looks to another

takedown not disk uptick with 20 seconds

to go

big deep breath by Chad Mendes listen to

this place it's up McGregor look at the

closely chat that a very good round on

top but with seconds ticking away Conor

McGregor went to work and he finished

the fight and he's the interim

featherweight champion the face of a

fighting nation who said he did not come

here to take part he came here to take

over Herb Dean stops the fight


again looking for the rear naked choke

he's got good inside wrist control with

that other hand looking to isolate and

trap that arm Dave Farrell was wise to

it that's where he gets set for a minute

so now look at the extension he's

getting on his hips as he arches in to

the back of Dave hill Nathan has never

been submitted Holly MacGregor is

victorious a fantastic performance from

Conor McGregor who steals the title in a

beautiful way submitting Dave Hill to

earn himself championship gold here we

go green trunks for the South Park the

notorious Conor McGregor black trunks

for the champion Jose Aldo Julie Karla

relaxed and smiling

Philip J awake champion of the world

oh my god the first punch

he threw slept him straight left and

Aldo connected with a left right

afterwards as he was getting knocked out

and then hammer fists out cold

boom doesn't get any cleaner than that

ladies and gentlemen


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