Does henry cejudo become a quadruple champion

Does henry cejudo become a quadruple champion

Does henry cejudo become a quadruple champion

Although henry cejudo announced his retirement after defending Bantamweight  title against  Dominick Cruz in ufc 249.

He may have thought of returning to the ufc cage, and some of the data illustrate this, the most important of which is: 

  •  He can keep fighting for at least four years, because he's only 33 years old.
  • He's been in a verbal altercation with boxer Ryan Garcia and asked him to fight, in boxing or in mixed martial arts.
  • He's focused right now on his provocative statement against featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.

henry cejudo vs Alexander Volkanovski

Could this fight, though difficult, happen at the moment because of the many title contenders, as well as the lack of recognition by the fans and some fighters of Alexander's recent victory, i.e. we may see a third fight between Alexander and Max Holloway?

But business is business, and Dana White, the most important thing he thinks about is the financial gain he's going to make from any fight, so we might see this fight. 


It's going to be a nice fight, and it's going to bring a lot of hits, because cejudo 's shares have gone up a lot in the last year and he's become popular with the masses.

Achieving glory and becoming the triple C, the first ufc fighter to win three titles in different weights and become a quadruple C.

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