Khamzat Chimaev GRABBED Kevin Holland's NECK New 2021

    long time ago komzat was one of the biggest rising stars of the ufc

the biggest rising stars of the ufc 
promotion and broke records with his
willingness to fight back to back 
kevin holland always showed interest to
potentially face komzat to prove that 
he's just another hype train
chimaev from his part warned kevin in 
the past that he's willing to fight 

 anyone and is not afraid of any
after his third bout in the ufc octagon 
which happened in september reports
surfaced that the two men had a 
confrontation at the ufc apex
ahead of his upcoming octagon return 
chimaev now reveals that they later had 
a backstage altercation which ended with
him grabbing holland's neck 
he said this holland he commented
something under a instagram post about 
me he wrote something like it's all good
but where's your mask
you can infect him something like that i 
came up to him in the hotel and asked
what did you mean by that
he answered i don't really remember but 
what about it or something like that i grabbed his
neck and pushed him away then when 
people were holding me he started
talking typical american thing just 
talking without doing anything

after coming short at the ufc vegas 41

event paulo costa shares a full  
statement on his social media profile 
he still feels that he did more damage
to his opponent and should have been 
crowned as the winner of the fight
he said this on his social media profile 
thank you lord thank you all for your
support i think i caused more damage to 
my opponent and for that reason i should
have won

that in order to leave no doubt i had to

get the knockout  
despite this i didn't do enough to feel 
like a winner 
i'm very critical of myself because i
know my potential i will make sure i 
don't leave it to the judges next time 
i will correct what you need and
continue to be aggressive and forceful 
god be praised always amen 
khabib nurmagomedov celebrated the
door's knockout win at the bellator 269 
event in russia
it was reported the victory electrified 
longtime fans of the last emperor
including former ufc lightweight
champion khabib the eagle was cage-side to watch fedor

as well as a bevy of other russian

fighters do work on the showtime   
televised event
this is not the first time nurmagomedov  
was cage-side for a fedorfight
this is how he reacted to his impressive 
knockout win
former ufc champ joanna has been 
officially removed from the ufc rankings
mma journalist mike bone revealed the
report on his social media profile and
said this 
joanna removal from the ufc rankings is 
due to an activity i'm told
she's still on the roster and will be 
reinserted when she returns to 
likely around march 2022 


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