Is this the end of Glory Kickboxing

Is this the end of Glory Kickboxing

Is this the end of Glory Kickboxing

Many expect that by next year we may see Glory joining forces stop active, as a result of data that increase the likelihood of this prediction, the most important of which are:

Resignation of some officials

Glory inclusion saw the resignation of some officials, most recently ceo Marshall Zelaznik, as well as the dismissal of Managing Director Cor Hemmers, as well as news that the organization was forced to close its office in the Netherlands.


Many see Glory financial decline, and the evidence is the low salaries of most fighters, despite Aaron Bronsteter statement that they“gone into receivership and had not filed for bankruptcy yet.” 

Intense competition

Glory has been the world's number one in Kickboxing since its inception in 2012 until 2019, but from mid-2019 there have been changes on the scene.
One of the most important is the rise in the shares of one championship, which has attracted the most prominent Kickboxing fighters to it    


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