Heavyweight Fights Scenarios for Glory 78 Event

Heavyweight Fights  Scenarios for Glory 78 Event 

Heavyweight Fights  Scenarios for Glory 78 Event

  the organization Glory kick Boxing has previously announced that the Glory 78 event will feature the world's best heavyweight fighters such as Rico Verhoeven, Badr Hari, and Jamal Ben Saddik, but the fights have not yet been announced.

Possible scenarios

Badr Hari vs Jamal Ben Saddik

Two Atlas lions, both representing Morocco, both want revenge on Verhoeven, they may face each other, and the winner will get what he wants.

They're both good at kick thai, Ben Saddik has the strength and Hari has the skill.

Rico Verhoeven vs Jamal Ben Saddik  03

They've both won each other before, the winner of this fight, and Harry's fight against an opponent so far unknown, maybe there's a fight between the winners in the new year.

Despite Rico's first loss in 2011, which was in his early days, his performance changed in the second fight in which Jamal was knocked out, so if we assume the fight is going to happen, he's the closest to winning.

Rico Verhoeven vs Badr Hari  03

This battle is unlucky, most of the combat sports fans expected it to be the best fight in the history of kickboxing, but that didn't happen in the previous two fights.

Although Rico won both fights, Hari was in control of the two fights, but the curse of injuries changed the course of the fights.

This fighting is the most demanding, because the end of the two fighting was not clear.


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